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Whether you are looking to add fullness to your existing natural hair or add inches beyond what length you already have, Invisible Bead Extensions® is the way to go! IBE® is the #1 most requested hand tied method in the extension market that puts an emphasis specifically on scalp and hair health.

The installation process for hand tied extensions is safer for the natural hair and eliminates the need for chemicals, heat, glue, or tape.

With the IBE® the hair always stays in its natural fall to eliminate tension, pressure points, and damage.

Here's what you need to know....

  • Depending on your desired look, you can do one, two, or three rows

  • What is a row? A row is the track created for the weft of hair to be secured to

  • What is a weft? A weft is a collection of hair strands sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip, typically 3-6 wefts are applied to each row

  • One row is perfect for anyone with thin to normal wanting to add fullness to their natural hair, and up to two inches of length

  • Two rows (most common) is for anyone with thin to normal hair wanting to add both fullness and 3-5 inches of length

  • Three rows is for anyone with normal to thick hair wanting to add both fullness and 5+ inches of length

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New to hand-tied extensions?

Pricing - 

Because IBE is so unique to each individual, a final cost cannot be determined until after an in-salon consultation

One row - for volume only - Starts at $500

Two rows (most common) - for volume and length - Starts at $1400

Three rows - for volume and substantial length - Starts at $2200


For IBE maintenance a move up of extensions is required every 6-10 weeks depending on your rate of hair growth and lifestyle

$100 per row for maintenance move up

*cost of maintenance does NOT include color

I'm what?

YES!! You've made the decision to invest in the hair of your dreams! You're going to start by filling out my

After I receive your submission, I will reach out within 48 hours to set up your in-salon consultation.

At this appointment we will discuss your custom plan, give you your final cost and place the order for your hair.

A deposit of 50% of install appointment is required at the in-salon consultation.

We will schedule your install appointment as well as your 6 week move-up.

Install appointment includes:

Installation of new hair

 Rooting and toning of extension hair

Cut to blend

 Extension Care Starter Pack

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