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Extensions FAQ

What’s the difference between IBE® and other methods?

IBE® was created with the health of the client’s scalp and hair at the top of the list. Using this method, I create a unique track that focuses on flexibility and equal weight distribution. The track is durable and provides the maximum amount of flexibility. Minimal points of contact equal maximum points of damage, so with this method, the optimal amount of support is created to eliminate damage to your natural hair. Unlike other traditional beaded weft methods, with IBE® there is no contact of a bead with the scalp at any time. Because of that, as well as my focus on proper tension, IBE® is a much more comfortable extension experience for guests.

Are they long lasting?

Hand tied hair extensions typically last between 9-12 months, depending on how you care for them. It is very important to use professional hair products on hand tied extensions and follow all maintenance instructions. The extensions will need to be moved up every 6-10 weeks, depending on growth and care

Are extensions painful?

Proper installation and at home care are both critical here. With IBE, special care is given to provide the least amount of tension and discomfort to the customer's natural hair. After getting the extensions installed, you will notice that there is something there that wasn't before, but it should never be painful.  IBE is known to be the most comfortable method on the market. Making sure that you closely follow the at home instructions that I give you at your first appointment will ensure that your comfort continues for the duration of your time wearing your new locks.

How much hair will I need?

I want people to say, "Wow! Your hair looks great!" and not "Wow! Your extensions look great!" so it is important that we match your natural density. If you have thick hair naturally, be prepared to need a lot of extension hair to match. For fine hair, it is best we don't overdo it to avoid looking fake. On average, each row holds 3-5 wefts of hair. Length of hair will also play a part on how many wefts we use as longer hair is heavier and we don't want to overload the track. So in some cases we may spread the hair out across more rows.

Can you swim with IBE extensions?

It is not advised to swim in any body of water or pools. This can create extreme discoloration to lighter shades and overall damage to the quality of the hair. If you choose to swim, I have guidelines for you.

Are they hard to take care of?

Not at all! There are a couple of golden rules to follow, like using the right products, brushing often, and wearing a dry braid to bed. Never go to bed with wet hair. We will talk about all this during your appointment.

What is the maintenance like?

Ideally our first move-up appointment will be at 6 weeks. The following move-up appointments may be moved to 7, 8 or even 9+ weeks depending on your unique situation. I like the first check in to be a bit sooner so we can make sure your natural hair is handling the weight of the extensions well and sometimes at home maintenance routines need to be adjusted if early signs of matting are present. I want to get those changes made before allowing longer between move-ups.

You may choose to schedule your move-ups in coordination with your color appointments. If you color your hair every 6 weeks, you may wish to go ahead and do your move-ups at the same time. If you don't color as often, you may opt for a move up every 8 weeks and a color every other time. Or the opposite and color every 4 weeks with a move up every other time. We will discuss your personal preferences together and come up with the perfect plan for you!

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